Grandville Little league exists to provide an environment in which young players can learn to play the game of baseball or softball, sharpen their skills, learn social skills in regards to teamwork, sportsmanship, respect and work ethic.

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Congratulations to players and managers that have been selected for All Star Tournament Teams!

Parents we need you to register your All Star the day you are contacted.

Click REGISTER NOW and scroll down to the 2017 All Star Registration program.  Parents and parent Managers will find all the documention required for tournament play.  Complete this documentation ASAP! This documentation or Team Affidavit package has to be reviewed and approved by our league player agents and president then taken to District 9 for verification and approval before returning to the Manager who must have in his or her possesion at the games.

The registration program first reminds you that if you have not provided a player commitment form you must complete and get that to your manager.  This is not part of the team affidavit package but if the player is not available for the tournament another player will have an opportunity.

Parents are required to complete and submit a tournament player verification form, attach a legible birth certificate and provide proof of residency within our boundary or that the child attended a school within the boundary during the regular season. You need either proof of school attendance in the district or 3 pieces of residency evidence within the season. You do not need both.  Turn in this documentation to your manager within the next 2 days after registrationHere is the guideline for Residency and School Attendance Eligibility Requirements.

Managers, The registration provides documents and instruction to create the team affidavit package. 

  1. Verify player verification forms, birth certificate and residency evidence.
  2. Complete the team affidavits and create a player map, then deliver to the Player Agent.

Player Agents

  1. Verify player verification forms, birth certificate and residency evidence.  
  2. Confirm the team affidavit form is complete.
  3. Sign the team affidavit form. Deliver to the president for signatures and District 9 for approval.

The President returns the approved tournament affidavit and player forms to the team manager.

Approved affidavit package must be in the possession of the team manager at all games.