Grandville Little league exists to provide an environment in which young players can learn to play the game of baseball or softball, sharpen their skills, learn social skills in regards to teamwork, sportsmanship, respect and work ethic.

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Registration FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

My child has a friend he/she would like to play with.  Can we request for them to play together? 
 In the younger age groups, a player can request 1-2 friends to play with, and this question is included in the series of supplemental questions that are asked during the registration process.  In the older, drafting/tryout divisions, this is not an option.  In the middle group, the minors, the emphasis begins to be placed on balancing teams as no one benefits by lopsided teams/games.  Most Division Directors will try to place with a friend or someone from their school if they can do so while maintaining this balance.  While we cannot guarantee placement, you may indicate your request in the “Other” field on the supplemental questions so the Division Director is aware of your preference.

How do I sign up to umpire, work as a concession or grounds crew manager or volunteer for the board of directors.   
All volunteers and independent contractors must complete a volunteer registration and be background checked annually.  During the volunteer registration you can make your selection and will be asked for information.  Approval for these positions is subject to the GvLL board of directors review.

I want to manage a team or assist in coaching.  How do sign up?  
All Managers and Assistant Coaches must register as a volunteer and be background checked annually.  During volunteer registration you can select division(s) and if you what the manage the team or be an assistant coach.  You will be contacted by the division director(s) to confirm your coaching selection and team assignment.

I may be able to assistant coach if there are not enough coaches.  How do I let the league know.
There is a check box in player registration where you can indicate this.  If you are contacted to coach and graciously agree to volunteer your time for this rewarding opportunity you will have to register as a volunteer to be assigned to a team.
I would like to coach with another parent.  How do I request that we be together? 
You can name the other coach in the volunteer application.  This will only be considered and or granted in the minor divisons were the director assigns the roster (No Draft Divisions). We can usually accommodate requests for 2 coaches to coach together, and will try to accommodate a larger coaching staff as long as there isn’t a coaching shortage or if it creates an experience imbalance with the other teams.  In the Drafting Divisions, the team manager must first draft their players and can select the rest of their coaching staffs from the parents of the players drafted.  A list of assistant coach volunteers will be made available at the draft by the player agent.  
Why is the box next to my child’s name grayed out or say “ineligible”? 
This means that you have accidentally gotten into a registration page for a Division he or she is not eligible for, are still in a previous child’s division, or have entered an invalid birth date.  To change the Division, click on the “Register Online” button and re-select the correct Division.  If the birth date has been entered incorrectly, please email  to correct a birth date.
What if I have a second child who is undecided and decides later he wants to play? 
You can go back into “Register Online” anytime while registrations are still open and add another player.  Simply choose his division and enter in your email address and password.  It will bring you to your families account and you can add the next child.

What is Grandville Little League's Refund Policy?

A refund is available upon request prior to the last evaluation (TBD) less a $10.00 processing fee.  Late Fees will not be refunded.  After the evaluations, a 50% refund is allowed up until the 1st game.  After the first game, no refunds will be allowed unless due to a medical reason.  A medical refund will be subject to a $40.00 processing and uniform fee and will be pro-rated based on the quantity of games played.

What if I forget my password?
If you forget your password, simply type in just your email address and click on "forgot".  This system will send you an email to reset your password.