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Grandville Little League

About Us

About Us

The Grandville Little League serves the community of Grandville, Michigan, by giving boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 18, the opportunity to participate in Little League softball and baseball. We are one of 22 local Little Leagues within Michigan District 9, which is one of 16 Districts in the state. Michigan is one of 12 states that make up the Little League's Central Region, Region 1. Each year, about 1,000 boys and girls participate in our league. 

Grandville Little league exists to provide an environment in which young players can learn to play the game of baseball or softball, sharpen their skills, learn social skills in regards to teamwork, sportsmanship, respect and work ethic.  This must be done within a competitive framework that balances the desire to win, having fun, providing a great experience for all , and respecting the game.  With positive participation from parents, coaches and players, we can provide an experience that’s rewarding to all.

Field Status

  • West Complex

    Updated: 03/25/2022 12:01PM
    • Field W1 Northern Mortgage
    • Field W2 Gentex Corporation
    • Field W3 Goldfish Swim School
    • Field W4 Tommy's Express Car Wash
    • Field W5
    • Field W6 Mayor Steve Maas
    • Field W7 Auto Body Xperts
    • Field W8
  • Grandville Christian

    Updated: 03/25/2022 12:01PM
    • Field C1
    • Field C2
  • Grandville South Elementary

    Updated: 03/25/2022 12:01PM
    • Field S1
    • Field S2
  • Grandville 5th/6th Bldg.

    Updated: 01/26/2024 08:58AM
    • Field G1
    • Field G2

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