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Grandville Little League

New to Baseball or Softball?

Here is some helpful information for those parents who will be registering a child that has never played baseball or softball before. This information is geared toward T-ball and Coach Pitch, which are the most likely to have kids that have never played before:

1) Check age and residence. Little League age 5-6 typically play T-Ball, while Little League age 7-8 play in the A division, a.k.a. Coach Pitch. Use this age calculator to determine Little League age. In order to be eligible for Grandville Little League, the player's main residence OR school attended must reside within the little league boundaries. The boundary map can be found on our front page, or you can enter the address of your school or residence here:

2) Registration. The registration time period will be announced through the Grandville Little League website, email, and through social media. During registration, you may volunteer to coach or assistant coach, and you can list friend requests. Registration fees cover the cost of jersey and cap. Fees vary per division.

3) Equipment. The only required equipment not provided is a glove for fielding since the size is specific to your child. Baseball/Softball cleats are highly recommended. "Community" bats are provided by the league, but if purchasing one for your child, verify that the USA Bat emblem is on the bat. Otherwise, see this article for suggestions:

4) The Season. Coaches will contact their players after they receive their roster at the Coaches Meeting in March. Practices will begin soon after the meeting. Games begin late April and run through early June. There are at least 2 games per week, with one typically on Saturday and the other on a weekday.